Thanks everybody, who comes to visit my site, and especially the returning ones! I do this for you! I wish Google Ad-sense would accept the site, as a serious one, but obviously its too real to use for ADS!! That really is a damn downer....anyways i'll see if i can change some words, so they will accept this site as the serious, informational site, which it really is!

And the software's i am going to add today(night), are all free, open source, software's! So i don't really see why they don't accept i could make some AD dough..Maybe if you guys can help me by adding some posts/discussions here, they might accept!? Anyways, looks like i have to start selling the USB Operating Systems!

Do not take it the wrong way, because i will still help you guys and gals, for free and i already have guided you to 100 percent Anonymity, Manually of course ;) Hope you understand, gotta make a living some how, rather this, than a life of crime! 

Thanks again, to the returning visitors ;)

Jah bless!

Sincerely yours,

ompalompa, The OC!


    Trying to help the people how to stay anonymous, while surfing, shopping, streaming etc, online! The reason why, you can find at the "Read Carefully" page.

    Sincerely yours

    OC (Owner)

    Ps, i will buy a domain if this site gets some donations or money from ads, so that i can have my own .com .net (without the, after)


    August 2013